Having gained much interest from far and wide (celebrities included!),  hosted the first Youth Empowerment Workshop in Gangtok, Sikkim, selected five passionate young Tibetans to take part in the first TibetXChange programme, and then receiving the fantastic news that they have been given their visas, we now ask for your support to make this really happen.

We’ve come so far and everyone involved is determined and passionate about the opportunities this project will bring to both the young Tibetans and the wider public to engage and further understand Tibetan politics, culture and identity that we once again take to the crowd funding stage and ask for your support. Simply visit our Indiegogo page and donate what you can. You’re support will not go unrewarded, we have some beautiful Tibetan gifts for you and we’re not even requesting you pour iced water over your head (unless you really want to!).

Take a moment to read about the project, learn what we’re about and hopefully gain the enthusiasm we have for Tibetan culture to discover more!

Click Here to visit our donation page!


Help fund this worthy cause!

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