So, after a year of planning and two weeks on the road the first ever TibetXChange programme has come to an end and we have said goodbye to our wonderful Tibetan friends. Words cannot express how grateful we are to everyone who who has supported us, financially and in spirit, on the journey that we have taken together. Yeshey, Tseyang, Rabga, Kelsang and Phuntsok proved themselves time and time again to be fantastic ambassadors for Tibet, speaking with around 800 school children, University students, politicians, policy makers, academics, community representatives and members of the public and touching the hearts of everyone they met. We wish them a safe journey back to India and the strength to build upon, and share, everything they have learnt during their short time with us in the UK.



Day 10 – Friday 14th November

A wonderful meeting with Chonpel Tsering, representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, to discuss the success of the TibetXChange programme and plan our future work together.



A huge thank you to Rigzin at the Kailash MOMO Restaurant for providing a delicious meal of momo, thukpa and thali for our final night together and for his very generous donation to our project. If you want to eat delicious Tibetan food in London then Kailash Momo is the place to go!






Day 9 – Thursday 13th November

Today we arrived in London for the final few days of our programme and enjoyed a tour of Westminster with Riki Hyde-Chambers, Chair of the Tibet Relief Fund.



Day 8 – Wednesday 12th November

A day among the dreaming spires of Oxford meeting with Tibetan scholars and visiting the Pitt Rivers museum where we were given the huge privilege of a private tour of the collection by Professor Clare Harris, including Tibetan photographs taken between 1920 and 1950 before the Chinese occupation began.



Day 7 – Tuesday 11th November

Every day of the programme brings new adventures and unexpected pleasures. Today, a meeting with Professor Alp Ozerdem and colleagues at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations in Coventry, a tour of beautiful Coventry cathedral which has risen from the ashes of war and conflict, a poignant and moving remembrance ceremony at which the young Tibetans placed their khata (Buddhist peace scarves) on the alter of the cathedral ruins as a mark of their respect for those who have died in conflict, and a peace-building workshop with African visitors on the Commonwealth Fellowship Programme. Oh, and lunch with Lady Godiva!



Day 6 – Monday 10th November

A fantastic day in Coventry meeting with young people at the Sidney Stringer Academy to talk about commonalities as well as differences, speaking on HillzFM community radio about the issues facing the Tibetan community and finally getting to know people from different backgrounds at Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre.


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Relaxing in the Cotswolds…

Relaxing in the Autumn sunshine at the end of a very successful week in Wales meeting with nearly 500 school children, university students, politicians, policy makers and members of the public. Today we travel to Coventry for more meetings, a radio show on Hillz FM and a workshop on the benefits of inter-generational working to secure more peaceful societies in commemoration of Armistice Day.



Enjoying a weekend in the Cotswalds then on to Coventry, Oxford and finally London in the second week of the TibetXChange!


Day 5 – Friday 7th November

A fantastic final day for the TibetXChange programme in Wales visiting the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff to discuss the situation in Tibet and explore the possibilities for securing genuine autonomy for the Tibetan people which will allow for the preservation of Tibetan language, culture and identity.

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Day 4 – Thursday 6th November

Today a film screening, a visit to a Welsh language school and a trip to Dinefwr Castle, Llandeilo –  in the rain, of course!

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Thank you to Katherine Davies and the staff and students of Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr for welcoming us today. We had a very interesting discussion about the importance of language in shaping the identities of young people in Wales, India and Tibet.

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