Day 3 – Wednesday 5th November

This morning Rabga, Tseyang, Phunsok, Kalsang and Yeshey taught undergraduates students about human rights abuses in Tibet, self-immolation, the experiences of Tibetans living in exile, resettlement and the Middle Way approach. They did a fantastic job and the students listened to every word they had to say.



Tenzing Rabga talks about human rights abuses in Tibet.



Tseyang Palzom informs undergraduate students about the growing use of self-immolation as a form of political resistance in Tibet.




Phuntsok Nyima outlines some of the issues facing Tibetans living in exile in India.



Kelsang Dolma tells students about the issue of resettlement for Tibetans in exile.



Yeshey Paden outlines the Middle Way and the importance of a non-violent resolution to the conflict in Tibet.




This afternoon the young Tibetans on our exchange programme met with students at Swansea University during an event organised by the Tibetan Society. Great to see old friends and make new ones!



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