Day 3 – Wednesday 5th November

This morning Rabga, Tseyang, Phunsok, Kalsang and Yeshey taught undergraduates students about human rights abuses in Tibet, self-immolation, the experiences of Tibetans living in exile, resettlement and the Middle Way approach. They did a fantastic job and the students listened to every word they had to say.



Tenzing Rabga talks about human rights abuses in Tibet.



Tseyang Palzom informs undergraduate students about the growing use of self-immolation as a form of political resistance in Tibet.




Phuntsok Nyima outlines some of the issues facing Tibetans living in exile in India.



Kelsang Dolma tells students about the issue of resettlement for Tibetans in exile.



Yeshey Paden outlines the Middle Way and the importance of a non-violent resolution to the conflict in Tibet.




This afternoon the young Tibetans on our exchange programme met with students at Swansea University during an event organised by the Tibetan Society. Great to see old friends and make new ones!



Day 2 – Tuesday 4th November

Today our young Tibetan friends will be visiting Swansea University to meet with students and staff and take part in a workshop exploring the geo-politics of water in the Tibetan Plateau region and impacts of climate change on access to one of the worlds most important resources.


Great day at Swansea University meeting students and staff – and a selfie with the Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Iwan Davies!

Day 1- Monday 3rd November

An incredible first day for the TibetXChange programme meeting with nearly 200 children and young people at schools and colleges in and around Swansea. Thank you to the staff and students of Penllagaer Primary, Bishop Vaughan Catholic Comprehensive School, Pentrahafod Comprehensive School and Gower College for your hospitality and interest in the Tibetan issue and to Angela Smith of ProjectPiece for organising the day.




Kelsang Dolma talks about environmental issues affecting the Tibetan Plateau with Year 12 and 13 students at Bishop Vaughan Roman Catholic Comprehensive School in Swansea



Rabga Tenzing discusses the situation in Tibet with Year 8 pupuls at Pentrahafod Comprehensive School


Waiting to speak with children at Penllagaer Primary School.



Finding new friends at Gower College!

The TibetXChange is happening THIS Friday!

In just a few days time our five new Tibetan friends will arrive at London Heathrow airport to begin their two week visit to the UK. Over the course of the programme they will spend time in Swansea speaking with school children, college and University students and meeting with members of the Welsh National Assembly before travelling to Coventry to meet with young people from a wide range of migrant backgrounds, speak on HillzFM community radio and participate in a workshop on the role of youth in peacebuilding, and on to Oxford to meet with Tibetan scholars and finally London to meet with the Tibetan community in Britain, All Party Parliamentary Group on Tibet and the UK representative of the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We can’t wait to welcome them to the UK and look forward to hearing what they have to say!

You can follow them on Facebook or via Twitter @TibetXChange

Last week Professor Heaven Crawley and students and staff from Swansea University travelled to Sikkim in the Indian Himalayas to meet with young Tibetans living in and around the capital, Gangtok, including four of the young Tibetans who will be travelling to the UK at the end of next week to take part in our TibetXChange programme. It was a pleasure to meet them again and to hear them speak so eloquently about some of the most pressing issues facing the Tibetan community at home and in exile – human rights abuse, self-immolation and environmental degredation of the Tibetan plateau – as well as the importance of non-violence and the Middle Way approach advocated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We can’t wait for Yeshey, Rabga, Kalsang, Tseyang, Phuntsok and Jigme to arrive so that everyone can hear what they have to say! THANK YOU  to everyone who has supported our Indiegogo campaign for helping to give them a voice.



A HUGE thank you!!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has so generously supported our Indiegogo campaign to date. We have now raised enough money for the flights for all five of the young people selected to take part in the programme and Rabga, Yeshey, Phuntsok, Kalsang and Tseyang will be arriving in the UK on 31st October!!!! They will be staying for two weeks and will spend time in Swansea, Cardiff, Coventry, Oxford and London meeting with students, politicians and representatives from a wide range of organisations. We will keep you updated on the programme as it develops.

In the meantime we are still looking for contributions for accomodation and internal travel costs so please continue to promote our project and circulate the Indeigogo link…your contributions really are making all the difference!!

With thanks and best wishes

Professor Heaven Crawley

Swansea University

An Evening of Tibetan Culture!



Tibetan Evening Poster



Tomorrow night we will be having a fundraising evening of Tibetan Culture in Reading, UK.

We are very excited to share such a wonderful and colourful culture with people, some who may not know much about Tibet or it’s culture. We will enjoy music, singing bowls and delicious momos as well as raise awareness and money for the TibetXChange programme!! Photos and videos from our event to follow…